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About ParkCard
A Charge Card For Parking
ParkCard ParkCard eliminates the need to carry cash for parking and last minute trips to the ATM.  Look for the ParkCard sign to find convenient garages and lots that accept ParkCard.  Use it just like your credit card and go - ParkCard is the most convenient way to park!

Pay Less, Pay Later
ParkCard offers a 5% discount on all your parking charges - including daily specials. Your monthly invoice reflects the 5% discount and shows you the exactly the amount you have saved by using ParkCard.

ParkCard ParkCard generates one itemized invoice of your monthly parking charges -- eliminating the need to save and organize parking receipts for expense reports or accounting purposes.

Widely Accepted
ParkCard ParkCard is accepted at InterPark garages conveniently located throughout the Chicagoland area at both self park and attendant garages.  Just look for the green sign to locate InterPark garages that accept ParkCard.

And More
ParkCard holders enjoy special promotional opportunities including weekend and new opening specials, free car washes and auto service discounts.


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